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Recap Tom’s live Facebook Q&A

21 October 2016

Last night, Tom answered questions about The Wave on Facebook, while listening to the album at the same time as fans around the world. Big thanks to everyone who asked questions and joined in. Here’s a recap of all the questions asked (thanks to Chaplin Source for compiling this). And don’t forget to listen to The Wave while you read…

Tom Chaplin: So who has a question about Still Waiting?
Neill O’Higgins: Why did you choose this as the first track on the record?
TC: Because it’s the darkest song and I wanted the record to start in the darkest place.
Tom Chaplin: Here comes Hardened Heart!!
Leah Salt: You wear your heart on your sleeve on this track. It’s absolutely beautiful.. How did you feel releasing these deeply personal songs to the world?
TC:  If it makes a difference to people to hear someone being open and vulnerable then that’s the best thing I could ever hope for from the album
Laura Assour: What’s your favorite lyric in the song ?
TC: And tomorrow with a SPRING in my heel, somewhere on the road of sadness lies a better deal..
Tom Chaplin: Here’s The River!!
Milly Moo: Beautiful song what inspired it?
TC: The desire to rid myself of nostalgia and to live in the present and for the future.
Adam ‘Mundy’ Daniels: What synth did you use for that great riff in the Chorus on The River?
TC: I can’t remember! It was a soft synth. And probably a blend of different sounds.
Tom Chaplin: Here’s Worthless Words…
Lali Valdez: Have you learnt to say sorry and mean it now?
TC: That’s the idea of the song in some respects – how the word sorry had lost value in my life. I try to live my life now so I don’t have to say sorry very often, but it’s certainly got its meaning back. Although I am English so I do say sorry a lot when it’s not required!
Tom Chaplin: I Remember You…
Pauline Keane: Who are you talking about?
TC: It’s a song to a lonely and lost part of myself – reclaiming that part of me, and allowing it to have a voice.
Dorothee Rahn: How old is ‘The Kid’ that you stand next to, after traveling through time?
TC: Haha! He’s various ages. But I would say he is maybe 7 and then aged 15. That’s a really good question!
Maria Zamorano: Even in this song you’re on the beach. Why is it so important to you?
TC: I dream a lot about water and I think it represents self reflection, and it’s also just a potent metaphor in so many respects.
Tom Chaplin: This is going sooo fast, it’s hard to get the answers in fast enough! Should have written a big prog rock record really!
Tom Chaplin: BRING THE RAIN!!
Facundo Oldblues: The most hopeful song?
TC: Yes, I suppose it is in a way.
Amgad Mahmoud: next single please?
TC: Choosing the next single is the most difficult question at the moment – it feels like there are 8 songs to choose from! Everyone seems to have a different favourite, so I’m just totally confused.
Tom Chaplin: Here comes Hold On To Our Love…
Lali Valdez: What was your wife’s reaction when you showed this song to her?
TC: She was very touched and very emotional.
Agus Roel: Would you come back to Argentina in your next tour?
TC: Yes, I will be coming to Latin America. But I can’t say when and where yet…
Emma Yates: My favourite! Absolutely beautiful. Did your dog actually sit looking at the camera in the shot?
TC: Yes. He’s a poser!
Carly Murphy: Any chance you might perform this live with a full choir one day?
TC: I would love to. I’d like to perform the songs with all the big instrumental and choral sections if the budget allows at some point.
Tom Chaplin: Quicksand…
Erica Lo Verso: What do you feel when you sing it?
TC: Quicksand makes me think of my daughter Freya every time I sing it.
Wajeeha Abbasi: Who came up with the concept for the video? Totally adorable!
TC: That was Mike Baldwin. We’d been watching a lot of Stranger Things and had the idea of making something that had that feel.
Tom Chaplin: iTunes has just asked for my password before allowing me to play Quicksand. So I’ve gone off the grid!
Shelley Aspin: How rude! ?. Did you have to buy your own album off them?TC: Yes I did just because I was SOOOO excited!
Tom Chaplin: Here’s Solid Gold. iTunes is letting me play this one. Thanks Apple.
Lali Valdez: this song is about your wife too…you said to your touch it felt cold… weren’t you able to see how much she meant to you before during your darkest times?
TC: I think that’s the problem with addiction. It wants you for itself. it hates the people that love you.
Marília Ramos: Oh, Jesus, the lyric of this music <3 Tell us about your inspiration for this song?
TC: George Harrison…
Tom Chaplin: Now for See It So Clear!!!
Dominika Marcińczak: When did you write the lyrics for this song?
TC: In August of 2015, in Los Angeles. It was one of those songs where the lyrics came very quickly, which is a very rare thing to happen.
Emma Yates: Did you really write this four years ago when you were 33? If so, are some of the other songs older, too?
TC: No, but then sometimes you have to cheat to make things rhyme!
Lisa Gmach: The song deals with your past – are you happy right now?
TC: I’ve not found the key for everlasting happiness but at least I now give myself a chance of experiencing it more often…
Mark Engel: Do you see everything clear now?
TC: I see parts of my past that were once opaque more clearly and that has allowed me to be a more content person.
Tom Chaplin: Here’s The Wave!
Tiago Lopes: Will the live versions have the trumpets and all those instruments included?
TC: We’ve had to do a different version for live purposes at the moment – but one day I hope to tour with a full brass band.
Sharon Herbert: This sounds like it’ll be emotional to sing live?
TC: I think it’ll be a real moment in the set. The song is like a hymn, and I hope everyone sings along.
India Hamilton: What did The Rifles think of this song, and the album in general?
TC: The Rifles loved the song. They’ve had to play at many funerals and I think they found the subject matter very touching.
Tom Chaplin: Definitely up for the bonus tracks…
Tom Chaplin: Better Way…
Lali Valdez: What’s the meaning behind this song?
TC: It’s a song about moving forwards and finding a sense of hope, about the energy I felt during last year.
Kerry H: Are you going to play this live? Because it’s too fucking good not to right!?
TC: I will definitely be playing it live!
Mila Álvarez Contreras: Why don’t you just choose one of the bonus tracks for the new single? my vote is for better way <3
TC: Oh please stop it !
Pauline Keane: How do you decide what the bonos tracks are going to be?
TC: I had so many songs that I had to just pick a few favourites. But there were so many that I could’ve chosen. Hopefully they’ll have a place someday.
Tom Chaplin: Turning Back…
Mark Engel: What is Turning Back about?
TC: It’s about a broken relationship, where the other person gave no answers.
Carly Murphy: Your falsetto is amazing in this. How many takes for that part? ?
TC: One take wonder! It was done late at night. I did the song in one take. And, in fact, I wrote the lyrics that night and it was the first time I’d ever sung them.
Tom Chaplin: Love Wins is NOW!
Facundo Oldblues: I remember that you accepted my suggestion to create a song with the name “Love Wins” THANK YOU.
TC: It was a great title for a song, very topical and very apt for my own experience in recent times…
Tom Chaplin: Cheating Death. Questions?
Marina Fdez: What is this song about?
TC: It’s about how life hangs on by a thread, and about realising that the only way to not be terrified by that idea is to keep pushing forwards and live to the full.
Marina Fdez: Did you get inspired with Weird Fishes by Radiohead?
TC: Probably! It’s a song I love.
Tom Chaplin: Last of all it’s Bound Together…
Jacqueline Suttling: VERY like Norwegian wood The Beatles. Did you get inspiration from that song?
TC: It’s an open string tuning on the guitar which is why I think it sounds a bit like Norwegian Wood – which is a song I do love.
Juli Capart: Was this one writen to your wife? I loved it.
TC: It was written for both me and my wife! It feels like a good way to end the bonus tracks and the full deluxe album!
Tom Chaplin: Thanks for all your questions! Sorry that Facebook is not the best format for this, although it has the widest reach. Anyway, I’m here for a few more questions, so ask away…
Sharon Herbert: Why did you decide to use such personal pics for the album artwork as you’ve always been so private previously?
TC: My process in recent times has been one of opening up. Of course there are parts of me that I keep private still, but I think life is more bearable and beautiful when we connect to others.
Faye Watts: Any more UK tour dates planned Tom? ??
TC: Yes. Announcement SOON.
Lindsey Bowden: (This question seems to have been deleted.)
TC: It’s lovely to be surrounded by youth and enthusiasm! I feel like I’m a new artist with this record, so it seems like a pertinent thing to have these exciting young players with me.
Roz Woodward: Was it a conscious decision to make a highly personal revealing album for a solo album or did it take on a life of its own?
TC: I’ve had to become open about my personal problems in order to get well from my addiction. The album has been an extension of that process.
Juan Herrera Santofimio: How is your composition routine?
TC: Hard work, writing lyrics while driving, getting things finished. Not stagnating.
Marina Fdez: Most difficult song to write?
TC: Hardened Heart was tough lyrically, I Remember You required a lot of tinkering!
Roman Kaneshiro: Tom, which song you wrote first?
TC: Hold On To Our Love
Virgi Alegre: What’s the first word that comes to tour mind when thinking about your album?
TC: Proud
Alice Chaplin: What did you like the most writing or recording your album?
TC: Discovering that I can write songs was one part of it, and working with so many new and different people.
Shell Paton: I’m a bit too slow to keep up on the separate threads. Like an old lady doing one finger typing. I was just wondering which song is your families favourite? Your wife and your parents? Thank you so much for this album and thank you for coming back to us all! We fans are also very proud of you, you mean a lot to many people. Cant wait to see you next week. This hasn’t been my favourite year and has been rough in parts but to see you back, doing well healthwise and bringing such a emotionally charged and beautiful album means more than I can say. Just so excited for Manchester!
TC: I think See It So Clear is probably the family favourite!
Kellie Balvert: Tom, I miscarried my first child Tuesday and hardened heart is really pulling me through, thank you for the music, so so much. I’ve been a Keane fan since day one and I have the band tattooed to me, so seriously dude thank you for the music, it understands me as much of a cliche that is x
TC: I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope you can keep strong and find a way through this difficult time. If my music helps, I’m truly honoured. xxx
Joanne Thurlbeck: In Sunderland … love the album … which track is your favourite?
TC: Um… I think it’d be a fight between See It So Clear and The Wave.
Cheryl Wilde: In Derby. Will Love Win? Do you believe that in your heart??
TC: If love fails, then humanity is screwed. Sometimes these days it feels like that might be happening.
India Hamilton: Where did shoot the pictures for the album artwork? 🙂
TC: That was at Birling Gap near Eastbourne.
Dorothee Rahn: Well done on the album, Tom. It feels like going on a journey to explore my own personality, every time I press play, and it’s a relieving thing. ?
TC: That’s great to hear. By telling my story, I hope it resonates with other people.
Matías Nise: Who had the idea that the chorus of “see it so clear” is acapella?
TC: That was Matt Hales.
Rachel Cornish: How many times have you listened to the album!?!!
TC: Haha! Hundreds, probably. The process of making an album means that you have to listen to songs over and over again.
Ellie Crook: Are you looking forward to doing the gig in Brighton on Saturday?
TC: Yes, I’m incredibly excited. I think the songs are sounding great. It should be a very emotional night.
Julie Elizabeth Mann: My husband wants to know if the synth sound is from your daughter’s pink keyboard you were pictured with last week?
TC: Haha! No, it was not, But it will probably be used on the next one. It’s one of Tim’s prized keyboards. And the only one that he was happy to lend me…
Tom Clark: what happened to It’s Over?
TC: Well, it just didn’t feel like it fitted in the context of the album, but I do love it as a song and I do hope one day it will have a place.
Adriel Romero: Make something like “night train” with songs as it’s over?
TC: That’s a great idea. I have so many thoughts for different projects!
Allison Bisset: Glasgow, are you lonely doing the promo tour ? xx
TC: No, I have a lovely bunch of musicians around me.
Tom Chaplin: Right everyone, that’s it. I’ll do a Twitter Q&A at some point soon. Thanks so much for the fantastic questions and for listening along to the record with me. It was the first time that I’ve listened to the whole thing (minus Quicksand!) in a while. I feel very proud to be able to call it my own. Thanks to Chris Salmon for his assistance. See you out there. Lots of love, tc xxx

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